Vaudelet en el Ballet Nacional de España

  Hoy miércoles 12 de junio el Ballet Nacional de España estrena en Madrid Sorolla, un ambicioso espectáculo basado en los cuadros del pintor para la Hispanic Society of America. Podemos disfrutar de los trajes del maravilloso diseñador  Nicolás Vaudelet y el maquillaje… Continue Reading


FASHION ART by MANUEL FERNÁNDEZ You have until July 15 to go to the exhibition in an exceptional location, The Dome of the Palace. If you are in Madrid, we suggest  you  the Westin Palace exhibition featuring a selection of… Continue Reading

New Dior Collection Fall- Winter 2013/2014

Good morning! Today we start the week with enthusiasm and with a smile on our faces cause it’s june, the month in which we begin holidays on one side and its also time for our big summer job season. From… Continue Reading